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Founders need someone in their corner as they build the future.

We believe entrepreneurs are the core engine for global economic growth. Our mission is to create equality of entrepreneurial opportunity by connecting them to the mentorship, knowledge, resources, and networks they need to succeed and inspire.

Through immersive programs that champion the human element of entrepreneurship, we transform high-potential startup leaders into global value creators.

How do we do it?

Mentorship & Specialized Guidance

Global network of subject matter experts, value-aligned investors, executive coaches, and successful entrepreneurs offer targeted feedback and direct exposure to the Silicon Valley mindset.

Culture & Strategy

We challenge founders to identify their summit and true north, all the while equipping them with the tools and frameworks needed to build and lead a team that will take them to the top.

Network Access & Leverage

Blackboxers join an active global community of more than four hundred highly selected entrepreneurs since 2011 committed to supporting and elevating one another.

Leadership & Personal Development

A step back from the day-to-day grind to reconnect with your personal vision, explore vulnerabilities and embrace your full potential as a founder is a valuable investment in your company's and your own future.

Our Approach

Blackbox is rethinking the traditional accelerator model.

We believe this model is more focused on investors than founders and doesn’t do enough to address inequality of entrepreneurial opportunity and strengthen emerging startup ecosystems across the globe. While connecting startups to capital is important, an entrepreneur’s long-term success requires access to a more holistic set of resources.

valuable insights

with successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors, and subject matter experts

Access resources
and knowledge

to fuel global expansion and pave the way for new possibilities

Leverage a
worldwide network

of relationships with like-minded founders, mentors, and champions

Emerge as a
force multiplier

capable of transforming startup ecosystems into hubs of innovation

The Blackbox approach is designed to be entrepreneur-first at every step, working to create a strong foundation under the founder which elevates their long-term potential, expands their worldview, exposes them to new opportunities, and connects them to their own greatness. By helping founders become better leaders, we empower them to redefine what’s possible for themselves, their company, their community, and the world.

Why does this matter?

Despite the tech-driven democratization of entrepreneurship, millions of entrepreneurs across the globe are still unable to realize their full potential because of institutional, cultural, and social barriers. The economic impact is enormous — the Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (GEDI) estimates that improving the conditions that support entrepreneurship by 10 percent could add $22 trillion to the global GDP each year.

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