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Blackbox Connect, our flagship two-week program, was open to global startup founders seeking to hone their craft of entrepreneurship, amplify their drive, and fortify their company’s foundation.

Casper Sermsuksan, Kulina (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Fabien Guillemot, Poietis (Bordeaux, France)

From our team:

As of March 2019, we are no longer offering this program.

Eight years ago, we held the first cycle of Blackbox Connect here in Silicon Valley. Twenty-five program cycles later, the time has come to reflect on all we’ve accomplished, and to give thanks for the incredible community that has made our work possible.

We feel an important responsibility to consider how we might leverage the magic of Blackbox in service of even greater global impact. For Fadi, who was born and raised in Syria, the potential for entrepreneurship to address refugee issues is a particularly meaningful challenge. In order to give proper time and space to the evolution of our organization, we feel this is the right moment to pause existing Blackbox programming and focus on what’s next.

Since we started, 415 entrepreneurial leaders from 62 countries across the globe have come through our doors, with 91% of companies continuing to grow and thrive, a combined $435M in funding & liquidation events, and 10,000+ jobs created. 38% of Blackboxers are female founders.

This program pioneered an immersive, founder-first approach to startup acceleration, allowing force multipliers from across the globe the opportunity to connect with role models, experts, and one another in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The basis of this approach has been our belief that by elevating founders themselves -- their mindset, purpose, vision, and leadership -- we can strengthen their ability to grow great companies and to play significant roles in the development of their home startup ecosystems.

What are our results?

founders applied
startup survival rate
raised by Blackboxers post-program
female founders
combined market value

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